Oversize and overweight definition

A permit is needed for the movement of a vehicle or a combination of vehicles, including the load, of a size and/or weight that exceeds the maximum legal size and weight limits as established by governing authorities in US states and Canadian provinces. any transport exceeding these limits must obtain a permit prior to moving:

  • Legal width limitation is 8 feet 6 inches.
  • Legal height limitation is 13 feet 6 inches.
  • Legal length limitation of a load is 48' ( trailer).
  • Legal weight limitation of 80,000 pounds total gross weight, subject to all individual axle weights conforming to the Federal Bridge Formula.

When we exceed all of the above a permit is needed.

What is a SuperLoad:

The pre-defined terms for a Superload Permit are as follows:

  • Width exceeds 16 feet
  • Height exceeds 15 feet
  • Length exceeds 110 feet
  • Weight exceeds 108,000 pounds.
  • (example from Indiana)

What is needed to obtain a Superload permit.

You must be approved in advance for this type of permit.

To Obtain a Superload permit, You need the following:

A shippers letter confirming the contract to the carrier, pick up and delivery address as well as a confirmation of dimensions and weights.

An application for all juridictions the load will be crossing with the following info and a drawing:

Company name, address and phone number.

  • Company number
  • Individual axle weights
  • Axle spacings
  • Overall length
  • Tire sizes
  • Number of tires per axle
  • Total gross weight

Whether the "super load" is a Transformer, Press, Tanks, Machinery, Large Masonry Buildings, The logistics are mind-boggling; Only few Specialized Carriers

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