We are not your standard LTL-Partial truckload company. This is a direct result of the creative efficiencies we have developed. The reduced handling LTL service we provide has resulted in literally "ZERO" claims each year. This is a result of direct ship service eliminating break bulk facilities and using line haul drivers as often as possible which also results in faster transit times. Combine all of this with competitive market pricing, micro managing of our operational costs, and the results are "faster and cheaper" freight service for customers.

Less Than Truckload (LTL) service involves the transportation of shipments averaging 1,600 pounds and more. The responsibility of the service provider is to facilitate the shipment as quickly as the customer expects and deliver it with complete integrity every time. The price should be competitive, the customer well informed of its progress and the billing accurate.

Consistently providing this type of service involves a strong commitment from all employees and associates in Canada and the United States . Shippers rely on Sabb Trans to get their shipments to destination with 98% on-time accuracy regardless of whether it's a regular or expedited movement.

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